The opening tip is one of the most exciting aspects of a basketball game. But in the wild year that has been 2020, the state of Kentucky is making a change when it comes determining who gets the first possession of the game in order to keep players safe. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has created a new rule for high school basketball games in which the opening possession will be decided by a coin toss — not the jump ball.

The home team will choose which side of the coin they want prior to the first quarter. The visiting team will have the opportunity to make the call on the coin toss if overtime occurs.

The coin toss is one of many changes the Kentucky High School Athletic Association is making for the 2020-21 season as a result of the pandemic. Schools will now be required to have protocols in place for temperature screenings for athletes before games. IN additions, the postgame handshake line is being done away with.

There will also be safety protocols that include making sure the ball is sanitized during timeouts and between quarters. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association summarized it all in a 35-page guide of safety protocols for the changes that are taking place.