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Hot board – Predicting where the top men’s basketball prospects will land

The Hot Board is back … kind of. Typically, we would have published weekly Hot Boards beginning around Labor Day weekend, when prospects around the country began to take their five official campus visits and college coaches began to conduct in-home and high school visits.

But recruiting has been in a dead period since March, meaning no official visits for prospects or in-person recruiting for college coaches. There have been a few players taking unofficial visits on their own to campuses, but those have been rare. It’s worth noting that it’s tougher to gauge recruitments since there are no hints being given away via visits, either official or in-home.

That said, recruiting hasn’t stopped — far from it, in fact. More than 60 seniors in the ESPN 100 have already committed, which is a pretty normal number for this point in the recruiting cycle. There might be a few more five-star prospects than usual waiting until the spring to see if they can take visits before committing, but outside of that, things are on track.

With the early signing period still scheduled to start Nov. 11 — and there has been zero indication the NCAA has plans to change or delay it — here’s a look at the latest on the top 10 prospects in 2021.

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