Author: Michael Wilbon

John Thompson death: Georgetown coach was NCAA pioneer

Nobody knew it at the time, but college basketball needed John Thompson more than John Thompson needed college basketball. He could have remained in the high-school coaching ranks in Washington, D.C., winning games and influencing lives, but the college game needed someone strong enough to sledgehammer the status quo into rubble. Thompson was that man, […]

College basketball 2020-21 season announcement date offered on mid-September by NCAA’s Dan Gavitt

NCAA Senior vice chairman of Basketball Dan Gavitt released the subsequent statement Monday: “As we steel oneself against the 2020-21 college season , we’ve exercised patience and discipline in monitoring the consequences of COVID-19 and making decisions regarding the season. we’ve learned an excellent deal over the course of the summer, and with health and safety being our priority, we’ve developed and studied contingency plans for alternatives to the scheduled Nov. 10 start […]